How to Open Files with the .sdf File Extension

What is the .sdf file extension?

The .sdf file extension is associated with a variety of database file formats. The popular database forms which are associated with this file are Standard database, Geo-database and SQL database.

What is the .sdf file extension used for?

Standard Data File

The .sdf file extension is associated with the standard database format and this is used to store information in a structured format. This file format is basically used to transfer data between arrays of database programs. The fields it uses are of equal length and values are stored in these fields. The stored data can be imported or exported to a range of database programs.

Spatial Data File Format

SDB is an acronym for Spatial Data File which is used by the geo-database file format developed by Autodesk. The Geo database file format is used to store geospatial and infrastructural information which is mainly used by GIS or Geographical Information System. This .sdf file format supports multiple field classes containing geometric properties and stores a large range of spatial data.


SQL or Structured Query Language is a database program which is designed for managing data in the RDBMS format. The compact version of this SQL Database is SQL Server compact or SQL CE which is designed by

Microsoft for its mobile Windows OS. This supports both 32 and 64 bit versions of Win OS and is free to download from the Microsoft Website. The database files created using SQL CE are stored in the .sdf file extension format. SQL CE can modify the data on a desktop and mobile device using the SQL server management software provided by Microsoft, and also some open source database tools like MySQL.

What are the different kinds of software used to open the .sdf file extension?

Files with the .sdf file extension can be opened using the software listed below ?

Standard Data File

  • dataBased Intelligence dBASE
  • Rosenvick AspireGold
  • Pervasive PSQL

Spatial Data File Format

  • Autodesk MapGuide
  • MapGuide Open Source
  • AutoCAD Map 3D
  • AutoCAD Civil 3D
  • Autodesk Topobase
  • OsGeo


  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • SQL Server Express
  • SQLite
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Flyhoward SDF Viewer

File Repair Software ? File repair tools are powerful file association applications that can be used to open files with the .sdf file extension. These software help in opening any kind of file format and can also associate a file with the correct software and fix file associations errors.