How to Open Files with the .sdb File Extension

What does the .sdb file extension stand for?

SDB is an acronym for Support DataBase. SDB is associated with a variety of applications as this format is used as a generic database file. The .sdb file extension format has different functionalities in different applications.

What are the applications which use the .sdb file extension?

There are many applications that use the .sdb file extension, some of the popular ones are listed below.

Common Application Compatibility Database

Every Database includes a compatibility infrastructure or a compatibility database installer tool which provides a programming interface to access the database. Compatibility Infrastructure uses a database, to recognize the compatibility problems and provides solutions for them. This database file is stored in a binary format with the .sdb file extension.

The compatibility issues are tackled on an application-to-application basis at run time. Every application which is specified in the database has one or more modules which are dependent on the database and need compatibility solutions. These modules are usually executable files that are described using their file attributes.


OpenOffice has a desktop database management module called BASE which stores the tables, forms, queries and reports in the .sdb file extension form.

MonKey Office SQLite Database File

Monkey Office is a German-based Office and accounting program which includes the database SQLite and .sdb is a part of this database program. This software is designed for both Windows and Mac users and shared by multiple users.

SAP2000 Model File

SAP2000 is used by engineers to design bridges, industrial buildings, stadiums and lot of different structures.? It is a complete design and structural analysis program developed by Computers and Structures Inc. (CSI). A 3D model created by SAP2000 which includes material properties, dynamic analysis parameters and complete design data is stored in a database format with the .sdb extension. .sdb extension files are also used to store temporary data when a model is created.

ServerBoss Database File

ServerBoss is a proprietary software designed by Integrated Data Processing Inc. This software is designed to manage and secure your networks. All the data which is used to support a network and manage peak loads are stored in a ServerBoss database file with the .sdb file extension.

The programs listed above are some of the popular software that use the .sdb file extension. As the .sdb extension file is associated with several other programs it is difficult to know which software on your system associates with this file. FileCure software helps in recognizing the .sdb format and fixes any file association issues. It also helps in opening the file without any supported applications installed on the system.