How to Open Files with the .prf File Extension

What is the .prf file extension?

The .prf file extension is a PRoFile file which is mainly associated with Microsoft Outlook. This file type is also associated with the Windows system file known as Personnel Readiness File.

What is the .prf file extension used for?

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is the most popular personal mail client designed by Microsoft. As this software was bundled with the Microsoft Office Suite, it was also known as Microsoft Office Outlook. But the version 2007 of Outlook can be downloaded as an individual package from the Microsoft website. It can work as a stand-alone application for a single user or can be configured with the Exchange server and Office SharePoint server for multiple users.

Once a user is created in Microsoft Outlook, the user information and preferences for the user are stored in a profile file with the .prf file extension. In addition to these settings, the .prf file also includes account settings, mail folder shortcuts, signatures and other reference settings. When a .prf file is imported to Outlook, all the profile settings are automatically updated in the profile folder. This is very helpful when a user changes systems and needs his old profile settings.

The profile files of Outlook can be exported to a series of systems at the same time. MS-Office provides an Office resource kit which can be used to create profile files with the .prf file extension. This kit also includes a Custom Installation Wizard (CIW) which can be used to position or deploy these .prf files on multiple systems.

Windows System Files

Windows is the most popular and widely used Operating system and it can be used by one or multiple users. Windows uses profile files with the .prf file extension to store settings and preferences related to the operating system and can be exported to any another Windows OS. These profile files can also be used by certain programs to store settings for multiple users.

What are the different kinds of software used to open the .prf file extension?

The .prf file extension format can be opened using the software listed below-

  • Microsoft Outlook for both Windows and Mac OS
  • Windows OS