How to Open Files with the .pptx File Extension

What does the .pptx file extension stand for?

PPTX is an acronym for Power Point Template XML and is associated with the PowerPoint Application designed by Microsoft.

What is the .pptx file extension used for?

PowerPoint is an extremely popular presentation application which is used to display data in the form of digital slides on a computer. PowerPoint software helps users to create and share dynamic presentations using these digital slides. You can integrate high-resolution images, videos and text to design the presentations.

PowerPoint is widely used because firstly, it has a powerful editor which can be used to format and embed text into digital slides. Secondly, it has an Image editor which helps in editing high resolution images which can be inserted into the slide. Finally, it has a slide show tool which helps in displaying slides.

PowerPoint is a part of the MS-Office suite, but when their 2007 version was released, it was also made available as a stand-alone application.? The 2010 Office version includes the PowerPoint software which has been upgraded to the web version, which means you can view and edit presentations with the .pptx file format online free of cost. The normal version of the PowerPoint 2010 application is also available for purchase.

How is a .pptx file different from a .ppt file?

A file with the .pptx file extension is very similar to a .ppt file with only one prominent difference, the .pptx file is based on the Microsoft Office Open XML Format. This .pptx file extension format makes it easily compatible with other presentation software like OpenOffice. <

What are the different kinds of software used to open a .pptx File?

PowerPoint Viewer is a free software provided by Microsoft to view files with the .pptx file extension. The PPT viewer can only view files, but it cannot edit them. To edit files you need to purchase the professional version of the PowerPoint software. ?There are a range of software apart from PowerPoint which can open files with the .pptx file extension. They are:

Open Source Software

  • OpenOffice
  • StarOffice

Web Based Software

  • ZOHO
  • Google Docs
  • Microsoft Office 2010

Mac OS

  • Microsoft Office
  • AppleWorks
  • OpenOSX


  • OpenOffice
  • KOffice
  • GNOME Office