How to Open Files with the .pptmhtml File Extension

.pptmhtml File Extension ? A Brief Introduction

.pptmhtml (Powerpointmhtml file) is associated with Microsoft PowerPoint, which is a presentation software program from Microsoft. PowerPoint forms an integral part of the Microsoft Office Suite.

Registry keys related to this file extension are:


Apart from the above information, little else is known about this file extension, its behavior, or purpose.

How to open a file with the .pptmhtml file extension

So if you receive a .pptmhtml file as an email attachment or if you download such a file from the Internet, then first try to open the file using PowerPoint. In case you are unable to open the .pptmhtml file using PowerPoint or you receive a file type error when you try to open the file, then use the FileCure tool to read, edit, and save the file. FileCure is an excellent software that allows you to quickly open various files (even those that report a file type error).