How to Open Files with the .ppt File Extension

What does the .ppt file extension stand for?

PPT is an acronym for Power Point Template. PPT is associated with the PowerPoint Application designed and marketed by Microsoft. PowerPoint is a very popular presentation program used to display data in forms of slides (popularly known as digital slides) on the computer.

What is PPT used for?

PowerPoint software enables users to create dynamic presentations in the form of digital slides. You can integrate workflow and high-impact pictures with texts to design your presentation.

PowerPoint software has three major components –

  • Powerful Editor ? This helps in formatting the text that is inserted in the slide show. This includes fonts, styles and insertion of numerical values with graphs and charts.
  • Image Manipulator ? You can embed and edit images as per your needs. PowerPoint has a powerful image manipulation program which helps in editing images.
  • Slide Show Mechanism ? Slide Show is the feature because of which the PowerPoint presentation program is so popular.

PowerPoint software is used to create, share and manage dynamic presentations.

Which programs are needed to run PPT?

PowerPoint Viewer software is provided free by Microsoft. This software helps in viewing and printing PPT files. You cannot edit .ppt files with the PowerPoint Viewer Software for this you need a professional version of PowerPoint called ?Office PowerPoint ?. The Office PowerPoint is part of the Microsoft Office software suite and this software can also be purchased separately.

What are the different kinds of programs used to open a ppt File?

There are other programs apart from PowerPoint that can open PPT files. These include:

Free programs

  • OpenOffice
  • StarOffice
  • ThinkFree

Paid program

  • SoftMaker Office

Web-based programs

  • ZOHO
  • Google Docs
  • AjaxWrite

For Mac-based systems

  • Microsoft Office for Mac
  • AppleWorks
  • OpenOSX

Linux-based Office Software

  • OpenOffice
  • KOffice
  • GNOME Office

What are the file formats associated with PowerPoint?
The popular formats of PowerPoint apart from .ppt are

  • .pptx
  • .pps
  • .ppsx
  • .pwz
  • .ppt3
  • .ppi
  • .srq
  • .sldx
  • .pwz

How can I open a corrupt PPT file and how do I repair it?

If a PPT file is corrupt you can try these three things

  • Download the .ppt file again or recreate it ? If you have downloaded the .ppt file you can re-download the file and if you have created it you can try recreating it.
  • Use the Repair Feature of Office ? Microsoft provides a repair feature in all of its Office products. You can run the repair feature to fix the damaged .ppt file.
  • Use File extension repair software ? File extension repair software can help repair and open .ppt file extensions on the system. This software not only helps you open .ppt files, but any kind of file on the system.