How to Open Files with the .pln File Extension

What is the .pln file extension?

The .pln file extension is a PLaN file and is mainly associated with the ArchiCAD design software. It is also associated with the flight simulator game designed by Microsoft.

What is the .pln file extension used for?


ArchiCAD is a CAD (computer aided design) software package which is used for building information Modeling (BIM). GraphiSoft is a Hungarian company established in the year 1982 which had first designed the ArchiCAD software for Apple Macintosh systems and became the first CAD software ever designed for a personal computer. It is used to support 2D drawings and all the designs were stored in the .pln file extension format.

It became very popular once the Virtual Building concept was built into the ArchiCAD software which helped architects to generate and manage the data related to the structure?s life cycle. It was used to create designs, interiors, exteriors and complete landscapes for a structure using BIM technology. The designs created using this modeling type were also stored in the .pln file extension format. The new version of ArchiCAD supported both 2D and 3D images to be created on the screen and ArchiCAD was the first to implement the 3D concept into their software.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft flight simulator is a very popular video game which was designed for the personal computer and it holds the record for the longest running video game series of all time. It was first released in the year 1982 and was designed and marketed by Microsoft. The .pln file extension format is a plan file that stores the complete ?flight path plan? in an XML format. All the detailed parameters of the player like destination and departure locations, waypoints, altitude, and the route taken were stored within the plan file with the .pln file extension. The older versions of the flight simulator never had the .pln file extension because it was introduced in version 2000.

What are the different kinds of software used to open .pln file extensions?

The .pln file extension format can be opened using the software listed below-

Windows and Mac OS

ArchiCAD by Graphisoft

Microsoft Flight Simulator plan file

Microsoft Flight Simulator Deluxe

FileCure Software ? FileCure is a powerful application which is used to fix errors related to file associations and also helps in associating files with the correct applications. This software can be used to open files with the .pln file extension.