How to Open Files with the .pkg File Extension

What is the .pkg file extension?

The .pkg file extension is an acronym for PacKaGe file and is a format associated mainly with the Apple OS X installer package. It is also associated with the PlayStation store files and Newton OS files.

What is the .pkg file extension used for?

Apple Installer files

A software package refers to a series of files compressed in an archived format to be installed on a system using package installer software. Apple?s installer application reads the .pkg file extension format and installs the software which are archived within the package. The package file is widely used to install files on the Mac OS X operating system. The installer file provides an interface to install the software easily for both Apple and third party applications designed for Apple OS X. In the OS X platform, once the file with the .pkg file extension is double clicked the files are extracted and installed. To view the files of the package you can just use the ?Control-click? option and select the ?Show package contents? option.

PlayStation Store Files

PlayStation is an extremely popular gaming console designed by Sony. With the announcement of PlayStation 3, a new PlayStation network platform was announced for multiplayer gaming. The PlayStation store is an online shopping service provided for PlayStation games on the new PlayStation Network and the files downloaded from this store contain the .pkg file extension. The package files can contain games, movies, game updates and demos of various games stored in an encrypted format. This encrypted format carrying the .pkg file extension is recognized only by Sony devices and once downloaded can be ported to PS3 or PSP using a flash drive or a network connection.

Newton OS

Apple Computers started work on a personal digital assistant (PDA) hardware in the year 1989 and this was the first tablet platform. The Operating system for this hardware was called the Newton OS which was developed mainly by the Sharp Corporation. The installer packages and applications designed for the Newton OS had the .pkg file extension. The package file of the Newton OS and Mac OS X has no correlation which means one cannot open the other.

What are the different kinds of software used to open the .pkg file extension?

The .pkg file extension format can be opened using the software listed below

Mac OS Package files

  • Mac OS X

PlayStation Store Files

  • PS3
  • PSP

Newton OS files

  • Newton OS