How to Open Files with .pdfxml File Extension?

What is a .pdfxml file extension?

The .pdfxml file extension is a format designed and marketed by Adobe Systems. It is a representation of the pdf format in a friendly XML format.

What is .pdfxml file extension used for?

PDF or Portable Document Format is a popular standard by Adobe which is a global format for trusted documents. It is most popularly used by governments and corporations for electronic documentation of sensitive data. The .pdfxml file extension format provides an additional support to embed files like Xpath, XML, Opentype, JPG, and PNG into a zipped document format.

The .pdfxml file extension format is provided as a plug-in to the existing .pdf format by Adobe. This helps in embedding and packing XML format into a secure PDF environment. The .pdfxml format makes the creation of a document using XML and images much easier. The .pdfxml is a flexible format which helps in

  • Creating Documents – It creates rich documents from databases and other applications used by corporations. You can also divide the documents to store parts of data into different libraries, databases and content management software?s.
  • Component Assembling ? The .pdfxml file extension format helps in assembling the documents from the components of the PDF.
  • Interactive ? When the documents are merged, the structure and navigation of the merged document is maintained. The document is also made very interactive by adding multimedia, images and 3D content.
  • Form Creation ? Creation of Forms becomes much easier.
  • Extraction ? Extracting information from a document, like comments, content and images is made easy by the .pdfxml file extension plug-in.
  • Validation ? Document validation is made much easier using this format.
  • Packaging – Multiple documents can be packaged and the sync between them is maintained by .pdfxml format.

What are the different kinds of software used to open .pdfxml file extension?

You can open the .pdfxml file extension format using popular document reader Adobe acrobat and Adobe Acrobat Professional. You have to install a plug-in from the Adobe website which will enable you to use the .pdfxml format using Adobe Reader software.

You can use the FileCure software to open the .pdfxml file extension format. This software helps in fixing corrupted files and also helps in associating them with the right software.