How to Open Files with the .otf File Extension

What is the .otf file extension?

The .otf file extension is an acronym for Open Type Font which is a widely accepted font type. It is also associated with the OpenOffice Calc application which is a spreadsheet module.

What is the .otf file extension used for?

OpenType Font

The OpenType Font is a new cross-platform font format jointly developed by Adobe and Microsoft in the year 1996. It is a computer font format which is scalable which means that the font can be completely resized without affecting its original quality.

It is a widely accepted open font format for creating documents, and the saved documents carry the .otf file extension.

This format contains data in a table format which is outlined with its predecessors like PostScript and TrueType formats. The prime benefits of the .otf file extension format are:? First, this font format is widely accepted and supported by all major platforms like Windows and Macintosh. Secondly, the capacity of the rich layout features, character sets and typographic controls supported by this format are far superior to any other format available.

OpenOffice Calc Software

OpenOffice is an open source Office suite which is a very popular alternative for the Microsoft Office suite. This suite has a spreadsheet application called Calc which is used to calculate, examine and review data using graphs or other charts. OASIS is a part of the open document format, which is the current standard in the industry for creating and sharing documents.

The formula template of the calc application uses the OASIS OpenDocument XML standard which carries the .otf file extension. This template helps the user create formulas within the cells and based on the formulas, the data can be manipulated. This template is saved with the .otf file extension.

What are the different kinds of software used to open the .otf file extension?

The .otf file extension related to openfont type can be opened using –

  • Windows 2000 and later Operating systems
  • Mac OS X and later OS
  • Using any of the popular font viewer applications in both Windows and Mac

For OpenOffice Template type

Windows and Mac

  • OpenOffice
  • StarOffice

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