How to Open Files with the .ori File Extension

What is the .ori file extension?

The .ori file extension is an acronym for ORIginal file which is a format used for backing up the original file. This file format is also associated with the Oriana Software which is a popular and unique statistical software.

What is the .ori file extension used for?

Original File

The .ori file extension is used to distinguish between the original file and its backup. Windows uses the .bak file to backup a file which is to be edited or changed in the same way some applications use the .ori file extension format for backup. The file used to create a backup of the original file is post fixed or appended with the .ori file extension. For example, if a file myname.txt is going to be edited and a copy of this file needs to be retained, then the original file will be renamed myname.txt.ori. ?Files carrying the .ori extension cannot be opened directly but will work fine once the .ori file extension is removed.

Oriana Software

Oriana software is a full featured powerful statistical software which is used for sample analysis for circular data. It displays graphs in several different ways which is very unique to this statistical package and stores all of them in the .ori file extension format. It does the complex calculations related to circular mean, mean vector analysis, and standard deviation and the analysis created using this software can be directly exported to text editors.

This software can handle a variety of circular and non circular data types which can include dates, labels etc in an angular format and store them in the .ori file extension format. The editor used to calculate complex data types is almost similar to spreadsheet software. The statistical data which includes graphs, data analysis etc. can be spread on the screen and the edited file can be saved just like editing on paper.

What are the different kinds of software used to open the .ori file extension?

Creating a backup by adding an extension is the traditional way of storing original files but is not a very common practice. The .ori file extension format can be opened using the software which created it. The Oriana software can be used to open the files related to the statistical data.

FileCure Software ? The FileCure application can also be used to open files with the .ori file extension. It is a powerful software which fixes errors with file associations. This software can open almost any kind of file format and can associate a format with the correct application.