How to Open Files with the .nes File Extension

What is the .nes file extension?

NES is an acronym for Nintendo Entertainment System and the .nes file extension is associated with NES Rom image files.? The .nes file extension format is also associated with Nessus attack scripting language or NASL.

What is the .nes file extension used for?

Nintendo Entertainment System

Nintendo released an 8-bit gaming console in the year 1985 and the game details were stored in cartridges with 8-bit data. These were ported to PC and Mac as image files or ROM images that contained all the details present in the original cartridges. These ROM images were stored in the .nes file extension format. Emulation or cloning programs were used to run these files on a PC giving the user the same console experience.

The emulator software was created by amateur programmers who had only a few technical details of the gaming console. They created these emulators using reverse engineering techniques and had also created ROM dumping devices.? These dumping devices would create ROM images from original cartridges and store them in the .nes file extension format. Emulator software was later used to run almost all games that were created by Nintendo using the ROM images.

Once Nintendo changed their console architecture, these ROM images with the .nes file extension also reduced significantly. After some years Nintendo officially released its version of the emulator software called VirtualNES. As it was an official release the software emulator was as good as a hardware console.


NASL is a scripting language for the Nessus security scanner software. It is designed to test vulnerabilities and holes in system software. It provides an interface which is compatible with all operating systems and helps in performing a test on a security hole. The files created by this software also have the .nes file extension.

What are the different kinds of software that can open files with the .nes file extension?

The .nes file extension format can be opened using the emulator software. Some of them are listed below.

For Microsoft Windows:

  • VirtuaNES
  • FakeNES
  • Nestopia
  • NesterJ
  • Jnes
  • FCE Ultra
  • Any other NES emulator

For Mac

  • Nestopia
  • RockNES
  • iNES
  • Any Other NES emulator

Nessus Software can also be used to open files with the .nes file extension.

If you don?t have supporting software, you can use a reliable file extension tool to open files with the .nes or any other file extension. This useful software tool can also solve many types of file type errors and open files with different file extensions in the absence of supporting software.