How to Open Files with the .mts File Extension

What is an .mts file extension?

MTS is an acronym for MPEG Transport Stream and is one of the newly released high definition file formats to record and play videos. This format was jointly designed by Panasonic and Sony Corp in the year 2006. The .mts file extension format is also used by the Madtracker Software.

What is the .mts file extension used for?


AVCHD or Advanced Video Coding High Definition is a video format that is designed to record video in high definition (HD). The files recorded using this format are stored in the .mts file extension. This file format is based on the ?MPEG-2 transport stream? and records video in 1080i and 720p with a relatively small file size.

Camcorders designed by Sony and Panasonic support this format extensively. The .mts file extension format is also compatible with Blu-ray technology. Most blu-ray players are designed to support the AVCHD file format.

The .mts file extension format can efficiently record on different types of media. This is the reason that DVD?s, Hard disks and Flash drives can also be used to store data from camcorders using this format. Panasonic and Sony camcorders allow users to edit videos with .mts file extension using their editing software. Some of the third-party software also provides editing for this video format.


Madtracker is a powerful music composition tool that is used to create music. It is a tracker software designed for Windows that contains samples of instruments, notes, and sounds. These samples are assigned to an audio track and the same samples can be used to play back at different pitches.

What are the different kinds of software used to open the .mts file extension??

The .mts file extension format can be opened using a variety of video players. Some of them are listed below –

  1. MTS Player Mac
  2. Sony Vegas Pro
  3. VLC Player
  4. Pinnacle Studio
  5. Adobe Premiere Pro
  6. Adobe Media Encoder
  7. Nero Multimedia Suite
  8. Media Player Classic

Madtracker software can also be used to open files with the .mts file extension if the file belongs to the Madtracker family.

FileCure software is a useful tool that you can use to open files with the .mts file extension. In fact this tool can open any kind of file format and also helps fixing file extension errors.