How to Open Files with the .mpa File Extension

What is the .mpa file extension?

The .mpa file extension is an acronym for Mpeg Layer Audio and is associated with the compressed audio file format. Digital Music is compressed for web users using this format and this is the reason why it is well accepted on the Internet.

What is the .mpa file extension used for?

The .mpa file extension is a popular compressed audio format which uses the MPEG (Moving Pictures Expert Group) layer 1, 2, and 3 for compression. The compression is used to reduce the size of the audio file so that it becomes easier for the user to download it from the internet. By using compression, an audio file may lose sound quality but MPEG 1, 2 and 3 provide compression with negligible audio quality loss.

Early on, the coding standard was put to test with MPEG-1 and once this compression successfully maintained sound quality, it was upgraded to layer 2 and 3. The MPEG-2 layer enhances MPEG-1 and supports multiple audio channels and this is the reason that the 5.1 is available for files with the .mpa file extension.

A video contains both images and audio, the .mpa file extension format is used to pack the audio on such files because it can store high quality sound in small files. More data can be packed on media like a DVD or CD when the size of the file is smaller so the audio file with the .mpa file extension format is the most preferred format to save audio files. MPA decoder software are also available to convert or record audio using the .mpa file extension format.

What are the different kinds of software used to open the .mpa file extension?

The .mpa file extension format can be opened using any of the music player software. Some of the popular ones are listed below ?

Mac OS

  • Apple Quicktime Player
  • Apple iTunes
  • Microsoft Windows Media Player


  • Windows Media Player
  • Apple QuickTime
  • iTunes
  • ALSong
  • ACDSee Pro
  • jetAudio Basic
  • QvodPlayer

FileCure Software ? FileCure software is used to open files with the .mpa file extension. It is a powerful application which fixes file associations errors. This software can open any kind of file format and can also associate a format with the right application.