How to Open Files with .kmz File Extension?

What is a .kmz file extension?

The .kmz file extension is linked to a compressed Keyhole Markup Language or KML file. .kmz file extensions are usually used for geo-browser applications like the popular Google Earth and Marble for importing geographical data in the KML format.

What is .kmz file extension used for?

KML is an XML based language which is used to represent geographic visualizations in 2D and 3D. The .kmz file extension is a very popular format to store maps and other geographic interpretation in a compressed format. The .kml file usually includes the geographical data like latitude, longitude, points, lines and text to illustrate the location. New Advanced forms of these files also contain 3D objects, paths, images used to represent an area or a point on the given location.

.kmz file extension format packs all the related subfolders and related resources into one file which can be accessed by a geo-browser which supports the .kml files. The ability of the .kmz file extension format to pack resources and folder configurations makes it very popular and the best format to store the KML files.

The raw KML files takes up lot of disk space and the .kmz extension makes those files compact. For this reason .kmz files are used to distribute maps over networks as it will take less bandwidth. Another important feature of the .kmz file extension format is that files created in any of the geo-browsing software can be accessed or imported to any software which supports the .kml or .kmz files.

What are the different kinds of software used to open .dmp file extension?

.kmz file extension format can be opened using

  • File Compression Software?s – .kmz file extension formats are compressed file formats which can be opened using any file compression software. You have to just rename the file to .zip and the contents of the file can be unzipped.? Some of the software?s are
    1. Winrar
    2. Winzip
    3. Winace
  • Geo-Browser Software?s – The most popular Geo-browsing software?s are
    1. Google Eart
    2. Blender
    3. Marble
    4. Bhuvan
  • KML File Support Software ? Any software which supports the KML format can open .kmz file extension. Some of them are
    1. Google Maps
    2. Google Sketchup
    3. Bing Maps
    4. Archicad

You can open the .kmz file extension using the FileCure software which helps in editing and sharing any kind of files. FileCure is a popular file repairing software which fixes any corrupted file immediately.