How to Open Files with the .js File Extension

What is a .js file extension?

JS is an acronym for JavaScript. The .js file extension signifies that the JavaScript scripting language is used to create interactive web pages. This is a free to use code and every browser supports this scripting language.

What is the .js file extension used for?

JavaScript is an extremely popular client-side scripting language that is based on the ECMAscript. It is often called a weakly typed language with ?first-class functions?. This means that you can create new functions during the execution of the program. Like other scripting languages it is a light programming language which makes the complete web page dynamic. JavaScript has nothing to do with JAVA even though both of the languages use a lot of syntax from C.

There are two ways of running the JavaScript code with the .js file extension on a webpage.

  • By placing the complete code on the webpage ? Code theft is inevitable when the code is placed on the webpage.
  • By placing the code on the server ? The code is placed on the server in a file with the .js file extension and the location of the file is placed on the webpage. So every time the page is loaded the code is fetched from the server and loaded.

The JavaScript code that carries the .js file extension is majorly used to validate form fields, roll over image creation, interactive drop down menus, functions to open and close several windows. The code can be placed on any part of the page but has to be specified in the beginning of the <body> tag.

What are the different kinds of software used to open the .js file extension?

The .js file extension format can be opened using:

  1. Text Editors ? You have to paste the script in the text editor and rename the file with the .js file extension and this file can be placed on the server. Some of the popular editors are:
    • Notepad
    • TextPad
    • Microsoft Word
  2. Browsers – .js file extension can be viewed using any of the popular browsers:
    • Firefox
    • Internet Explorer
    • Safari
    • Opera
    • Chrome
  3. Web Designing Software:
    • Dreamweaver
    • Microsoft Expression Web

The .js file extension is also used by the following software:

  • JetScript Emulator software
  • JetScript Program

You can use the popular FileCure software to open the .js file extension format. It can not only open any type of file, but can also fix any file extension errors.