How to Open Files with the .csv File Extension?

What is the .csv file extension?

CSV stands for Comma Separated Variables. The .csv file extension is a simple text format used by databases to store data in an ordered format separated by commas. The only difference between the .txt and .csv file format is that the .txt file is not separated by commas.

What is the .csv file extension used for?

A .csv file extension format is used to store data in a structured manner so that, it can be used to feed data into a database. Every line present in this format is similar to a row in the database and every value is separated by a comma. This type of format is useful when there is data movement between two different types of program like, a database and a spreadsheet.

Apart from the commas it can handle line breaks or character separators using quotation marks. ?Because of this, the .csv file format is the most widely used format for spreadsheet and database driven programs. You can use a text editor to save a file in the .csv file format and then you can import the file either to a spreadsheet or a database with ease.

What are the different kinds of software used to open .csv file extensions?

The most popular software used to open the .csv file extension are Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. Excel is a powerful spreadsheet program provided by Microsoft which uses the .csv file extension to store data. Microsoft Word is a text editor software used to save data in the .csv format. Both Word and Excel are a part of the Microsoft Office Suite.

How can I open a corrupted .csv file extension and how do I repair it?

If the .csv file extension is corrupt, then you can follow the steps below to open it.

  1. If you have downloaded the .csv file from the internet then try to download it again from a different server or location.
  2. You can re-create the file with a .csv file extension, or you can use a different application to create it E.g. you can use Word instead of Notepad to create the .csv file extension
  3. Always check for the file versions, sometimes a file created with an old version of a text editor will not open with a newer version of the same software. FileCure software is one of the very helpful software which not only opens the .csv file extension, but also file formats of any kind. It also has the ability to repair a corrupted file.