How to Open Files with the .aw File Extension

What is does the .aw file extension stand for?

AW is an acronym for Answer Wizard. The .aw file extension is associated with the Answer wizard Index of Microsoft office. Microsoft Office 2000 comes with the Answer Wizard feature along with the Office Assistant help.

What are the applications which use the .aw file extension?

The only application that uses the .aw file extension are the components of Microsoft office 2000, these include Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.

What does the Answer Wizard do?

The .aw file extension contains a list of help topics related to Office programs. The Answer Wizard is present under the help option of the Office 2000 software and serves as a digital marker for all contents of the file which are required by the user.

Answer wizard helps the user learn about the features of Microsoft Office programs in detail. Apart from educating the user regarding various features, Answer Wizard helps in troubleshooting issues and providing solutions to fix them. The Answer Wizard builder feature provides the flexibility to add customized help content to applications associated with Microsoft office.

When you are using an application related to Office, like Word or Excel you can post your query regarding the features to the Answer Wizard. The wizard will locate the information regarding your query and display it within the balloon present near the Office Assistant animation. If your query is present within the help files it will display the solution on the screen, or you will be connected to the Office website for further help. However, to connect online, your PC must be connected to the Internet.

You can download the Answer Wizard helper on your system for free from the Microsoft website but remember it will only work with Microsoft Office applications.

Also keep in mind not to delete any files with the .aw file extension as they will hamper the working of the Answer Wizard module.

If you do not understand the nature of the file or the program it is associated with, you can use the FileCure software. Not only does it help in opening the file, but it also helps in fixing issues with file associations.