How to Open Files with the .asa File Extension

What is the .asa file extension?

The .asa file extension is used by the Microsoft Visual InterDev software, to create web applications using Microsoft Active Server Pages or ASP. The Microsoft Visual InterDev is part of the Microsoft Visual Studio module which is a complete package for designing Web and windows applications.

What is the .asa file extension used for?

ASP is a popular server side scripting language, used to design dynamic web pages. ASP is used in tandem with Microsoft IIS to run scripts. The files created in ASP and ASP.NET usually have the .asp and .aspx file extension respectively. The Microsoft .NET framework is a powerful application which makes the ASP scripting language robust and fast. Pages created in ASP.NET often use scripts from ASP. Pages created in ASP can combine ActiveX, html, VBscript and JavaScript so this makes the page created dynamic.

.asa file extension is used by Microsoft ASP to store object declaration, functions, constants and variables to be used or accessed by the website designed in ASP. The file global.asa is created by ASP, and this file is accessed by numerous pages on the ASP website. The .asa file extension stores the functions and variables and makes them available globally so in this way the code can be reused.

The .asa file extension can be created either manually or automatically by using the development program like Microsoft ASP.NET. ?A file with the .asa file extension usually global.asa is always stored in the root directory of the server for web pages to access it.? The .asa file can be edited and customized as per the website requirements.

What are the different kinds of software used to open the .asa file extension?

The .asa file extension being a configuration file can be used to open or edit using –

    1. Any of the popular web development program kits like
      • Microsoft Visual Studio
      • Microsoft Expression
      • NetBeans IDE
      • Adobe Dreamweaver
    2. Browsers
      • Internet Explorer
      • Firefox
      • Opera
      • Google Chrome
    3. Text Editors

      • Microsoft Word
      • Notepad
      • OpenOffice Writer
      • Abiword
  1. Applications – FileCure software can be used to open files with the .asa file extension. ?FileCure is a powerful application which not only helps to open the file, but also fixes any type of file errors.