How to Open a File with the .wpd File Extension

.wpd File Extension ? Detailed Description

Primarily the .wpd file extension is associated with the Corel WordPerfect application. A .wpd file extension denotes a Corel WordPerfect document.

.wpd files fall under the text files category and its MIME type is application/wordperfect.

About the software ? Coral WordPerfect

Coral WordPerfect is a popular yesteryear?s word processing program. Corel WordPerfect was the most sought after processing program in 80?s and 90?s before Microsoft Word took over the market. Now, the software is mostly used in the legal profession.

It is interesting to note that .wpd has not always been the default extension of Coral WordPerfect. Names of a few extensions that were earlier used by the software are ? .wp, .wp4, .wp5, .wp6, and .wp7.

How to open .wpd files in Windows

You can open .wpd files in Windows using any of the following programs:

  • Coral WordPerfect
  • Nuance OmniPage Professional
  • Microsoft Word

How to covert a Coral WordPerfect (.wpd) document into a Microsoft Word Document?

To convert a .wpd document into a Microsoft Word document, perform the steps illustrated below:

  • Open a Word document, display the File menu, and then click Open.
  • In the Open dialog box, verify that All Files (*.*) is selected in the Files of Type drop-down list.
  • Next, use the Look in drop-down list to locate the WordPerfect file you wish to covert.
  • Now, select the WordPerfect file and then click the Open button.

Important: When you click the Open button, Word converts the document and opens it. After you have opened the WordPerfect document, save the file in the .doc format.

  • Next, click the File menu and then click Save As.
  • In the Save As dialog box, select Word Document from the Save as type drop-down list.
  • Type the name of the file and select the location where you want to save the file.
  • Finally, click the Save button.

What are the other file types that are recorded to use the wpd file extension?

Besides Corel WordPerfect, other file types that use the wpd file extension are listed below in order of their popularity and usage:

  • 602PC Suite by Software602, Inc ? The 602PC Suite is similar to Microsoft Office suite. 602PC was introduced as an alternative to Microsoft Office suite and comprises four applications ? word processor, graphics editor, spreadsheet, and digital photo organizer.
  • Windows Printer Driver ? The file extension .wpd is also used by a few versions of Windows for printer driver.
  • ACT!
  • WinWorks
  • SAW Pro/SAW Studio/SAW Plus

In case you cannot open a .wpd file on your Windows computer, you may use the FileCure software to fix the file and then open it.