What is the .opc File Extension?

Not much is known about files with the .opc file extension. However, three instances of these files are recorded. These include:

  • Office Upgrade Control Files
  • Beta 44 Job File
  • Omron OPC Client File

What is Open Packaging Conventions?

OPC (Open Packaging Conventions) is container-file technology that was originally created by Microsoft with the purpose of storing a combination of non-XML and XML files.

Listed below are the file formats that use OPC as the foundation technology.

Application Filename Extension
Microsoft Semblio .semblio
Autodesk AutoCAD .dwfx
Microsoft Windows Azure .cspkg
Office Open XML Presentation .pptx
Office Open XML Document .docx
Office Open XML Workbook .xlsx
Siemens PLM Software .jtx
Open XML Paper Specifications .xps
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Extensions .vsix

How to open file types such as .opc file extension files about which little is known

There are many file types about which not much is known. In case you receive files with unknown file extensions through email, an internet download or some other source, it is best to use a reliable file extension repair software to open the file.