Names of File Types That Use the .app File Extension

There are a total of nineteen file types recorded to use the .app file extension. These file types are:

File Type #1 – Mac OS X Application File

Files with the .app file extension are executable files used in Mac OS X operating systems. The .app files are similar to .exe files that are used in Windows. To run an .app file in Mac OS X, just double-click on it.

These files are not meant to be opened by the user.

File Type #2 ? Symbian OS Application File

The .app file type is also used by Symbian OS, which is an operating system used in mobile phones. Phones from Nokia, Samsung, FOMA, and Sony Ericsson use the Symbian OS.

Names of the programs that can open Symbian OS Application (.app) files in Windows:

  • Nokia Symbian rcomp
  • Nokia Carbide c++
  • Nokia WRT Plug-ins
  • Runs on mobiles that use Symbian OS

File Type #3 ? Alphacam Punch Post File

The .app file type is also used by Alphacam, a popular CAD/CAM software solution used in the woodworking industry.

The following are some other file types with which the .app file extension is associated:

  • File Type #4 ? FoxPro Generated Application File
  • File Type #5 ? Generated Application or Active Document
  • File Type #6 ? IBM Lotus Symphony Add-on Document
  • File Type #7 ? DR-DOS Executable Application
  • File Type#8 ? ArcPad Project File
  • File Type#9 ? dBase Application Generator Object
  • File Type #10 ? Poison Oval File
  • File Type #11 ? Executable Application File
  • File Type #12 ? Until Application
  • File Type #13 ? Cybiko Computer Application File
  • File Type #14 ? OrbWorks PocketC CE Application
  • File Type #15 ? Timex Data Link USB Application
  • File Type #16 ? Video CD on CD-I Application
  • File Type #17 ? Vtech Hello Application
  • File Type #18 ? Team Developer Normal Mode Application File
  • File Type #19 ? OrbWorks PocketC CE Application

Question: A file type error occurs when I try to open an .app file type in Windows ? what should I do?

Answer: Generally, a file type error on a Windows computer occurs when any of the conditions listed below hold true:

  • The software that opens the file you are trying to view is not installed.
  • The file you are trying to view is corrupt.

File openers on your Windows computer are damaged or corrupt. An easy way to resolve file type errors is to use a reliable file opener program to open the file that is generating the error. File opener programs allow you to view files even when the required software is not installed and fixes issues related to a corrupt file or damaged file openers.