What is the .mbb File Extension?

What is the .mbb (Mannabook document) file extension?

The .mbb file extension is associated with MannaBook software, which is a Microsoft Word add-in.

MannaBook, which is created by MannaBook Software, Inc, is a Microsoft Word classification tool that allows Word to save several documents in a single file (book). Needless to say this facilitates easier management of data, as well as more logical filing and archiving.

The software allows users to open all files present in the book at the same time, and thus reduces the number of screens one would have to open otherwise to access various files simultaneously. Further, .mbb documents also provide you with a table of contents for easy navigation and location of a particular file in the book.

The .mbb files fall under the document file category. The Mime type of .mbb files is application/x-mannabook.

How to identify a Mannabook document

The file has the file extension .mbb.

How to open an .mbb file in Windows

You can open an .mbb file on your computer using Mannabook software.

If you are unable to open an .mbb document or for that matter any other file type on your Windows computer, then it is recommended that you give FileCure a try. It is an excellent tool that allows you to easily open, edit, or save various file types.