Managing .JNLP File Extensions

What is a .JNLP file extension?

The .JNLP file extension indicates a Sun Java file that is used for launching ?Web Start? applications. Unlike Java Applets, these programs are launched without initiating a browser window. These files are an essential component of the Java Runtime Environment.

Web start applications allow developers to work smoothly across different browsers without worrying about having different Java Virtual Machine versions for each browser.

What are the programs available to open and edit .JNLP files

.JNLP programs can be read and edited manually by using any text editor. Its basic coding is based on XML scripting style and can be edited accordingly. The information includes the location of various java based programs (.jar) on the system that need to be initiated for proper functioning of Java-based applications.

What happens if a .JNLP file goes corrupt?

A .JNLP file can go corrupt if it is edited and stored incorrectly either manually or by a malicious program. .JNLP files also have a security implication, since many programs that need an autostart are mentioned here. A malicious code may exploit this and start pointing to a viral or a spyware program in your system. Therefore, it is very important to be able to open and view a .JNLP file and make changes if needed.

In case the file stops working, the proper functioning of various Java applications can also be hampered.

How do we repair .JNLP file extensions?

.JNLP files can be repaired easily with the help of a text editor that can view and help you make edits to the file. To make any changes in the file you must be well acquainted with the syntax of XML and the possible effects of change in code of any .JNLP file. This is essential because incorrect edits to these files can adversely affect your system security.

A safer way to repair and open .JNLP and many other types of files is to use the FileCure software. This extremely useful software can help you repair corrupt files. You can also use it to open the file, even if it has gone corrupt. FileCure repairs any file system errors and gives you a customized file opening program for your file.