Managing the .UUE File Extension

More about the .UUE file extension

The .UUE file extension stands for Unix to Unix Encoding, which is a format used to transmit binary information through a standard ASCII text format in systems that run Unix operating system. This is mainly done for the purpose of exchanging data over email, so that the file doesn’t get corrupt. It is also used to prevent broken downloads.

.UUE files can be created from binary formats through a utility called uuencode. When a UUE file is downloaded, it needs to be decoded using another utility ? uudecode which reverses the effect of uuencode and extracts the binary file back from the ASCII text file.

These days, encoding as well as decoding of UUE file formats can be done online through a free web based tool through your browser. The tool is called Web Utils Online UUEncoder UUDecoder and it does not require any other software or plugin to be installed on your computer.

Opening .UUE files

Apart from the web based applications, there are pre-designated desktop based applications that are designed to open and work with UUE files.

Unix / Linux : UUENCODE and UUDECODE
Windows: Smith Micro Stuffit deluxe 2010, Wincode, Corel Winzip
Mac OSX: UU Undo, Smith Micro Stuffit Deluxe 2010.

Handling errors in UUE File extensions

There is a chance that you may face issues opening UUE files even with compatible file opening software installed on your system. This may happen if the file is corrupt, located on a bad sector of your disk, if there are registry errors, or even if the file is not associated with the correct file opening program.

File extension repair tools come in handy under such circumstances, and go a long way to recover information stored within corrupt or incorrectly associated files. These tools can help scan a file and associate it with compatible file opening software. These tools can also create a readable file and provide a viewer to recover data in case it is unable to find a suitable program installed on your computer to open the file.