Managing .SITX Extension Files

What are .SITX files?

The .SITX file extension refers to StuffIt X file, which is a proprietary file extension used by Smith Micro’s StuffIt X version 7.0 or later. The file format was introduced in 2002 and helps in creating archives with a great degree of compression. Stuffit X uses a patented compression technology owned by Smith Micro, known as ATOM that claims to offer 20% more compression than the regular StuffIt (.SIT) archives.

Some additional features of the SITX file format include its support for longer file names, and ability to preserve file permissions in Windows and Mac OSX file systems. It also includes the capability of error correction that fixes glitches that may occur during transmission, compression and decompression of information while archiving and exchange. The SITX file type also provides for 512-bit encryption for added file security. Higher versions of the StuffIt X program (9 and above) support the compression of JPG images to the extent of 15-30%.

Opening .SITX files

.SITX file extensions can be managed through their registered program which is Smith Micro’s StuffIt X 2010. It is available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OSX operating system platforms. There is no known viewer for UNIX or Linux operating system.

You may have encountered errors while attempting to open .SITX file extension, especially in the absence of the StuffIt X software on your computer. You may also get file opening errors if the file itself goes corrupt, or even if your storage drives develop bad sectors. In such cases you would require a specialized tool that helps you rescue your data from these files.

A recommended tool for helping you repair and view rare and unknown file types is FileCure. The tool helps you to scan the file and associate it with an existing program. In the absence of relevant programs, FileCure creates a readable file and a viewer to recover information and repair the file.