Managing .RNK File Extensions

What is the .RNK file?

The RNK in the .rnk file extension stands for Make Make File. This file basically refers to a Dial-up Shortcut created in Microsoft Windows operating systems. Dial-up shortcuts typically store information pertaining to the dial-in settings of your Internet Service Provider. There are very few reported instances of .RNK file extensions being used.

How to open a .RNK file?

There are no registered viewers that are commonly available to edit or view .RNK files. Therefore, when you double-click and try to open the file you will be prompted by Windows for a program to open the file. Using an incorrect program can cause undesirable results.

Repair and edit .Rnk Files

For a very uncommon file type such as the .RNK file extension, it is very difficult to trace and install a program to handle it. In such cases, it is advisable to use a resourceful tool like FileCure. Backed with a great deal of file extension research and intelligence, FileCure enables you to open and repair unknown file types. It also assists you in locating the right program to open it. In the absence of programs, FileCure also creates a file opener to enable you to open unknown file types.