Managing .Mapimail File Extension Files

What is the .mapimail file extension?

The .Mapimail file extension is used by the Microsoft Windows XP operating system. This is a system file extension that enables the functionality of sending a document directly by email through the File menu option. Users can email a document as an attachment when it is open on their screen in Microsoft Office or any other program.

In the File menu there is an option of Send To> Email Recipient using which the document can be emailed. The .Mapimail file extension is responsible for the successful functioning of this option. The functionality is also available by right-clicking files and selecting the Send to > Mail Recipient.

What happens if .mapimail files in Windows XP are damaged or unreadable?

There is a chance that .mapimail files in your Windows XP operating system folder will develop file errors. In such a case, you will receive a system error that reads – ? Cannot open Mapimail file? when you attempt to right-click and try to send file by email, or use the File menu option from within the MS Office program.

How can we open and repair .Mapimail extension files?

Mapimail extension files do not have any standard registered opening programs, since they are system files not meant to be frequently user editable. While experts try to fiddle with unknown files with text editors and command prompts, it is a complex method with no guaranteed outcome.

A recommended option is to use a reliable file repair software. These tools are designed to easily resolve any errors pertaining to .mapimail files and almost all types of file extensions known. A file repair software scans the file for file system errors and tries to relate the most appropriate file opening program. In the absence of any standard opening program, the tool creates a custom file opener and a readable version of the file.