Managing .M4v File Extension Files

What is the .m4v file extensions?

The .m4v file extension is a proprietary video file format used for mobile devices manufactured by Apple. These devices include the popular iPod models with video capabilities, including the iPhone. The .m4v file extension uses the commonly used Mpeg layer-4 global standard, for compressing video without compromising too much on quality. .m4u optimizes video quality as well as the size of the file, for Apple devices.

Though .m4u is based completely on the mp4 technology, there is a difference in terms of digital rights management (DRM) which exists in .m4u and not in mp4.

Players available for opening .m4v file extensions

To open Apple DRM protected .m4u files, your computer or device has to be authorized by the presence of iTunes software. iTunes is available for Mac OSX as well as for Windows. Installing and registering for an account, authorizes your computer to download, manage and play .m4u videos. It also allows you to upload these videos on to your portable Apple device.

There are a variety of video players including Elmedia Player, Windows Media Player (with plugin) and VLC player that can help you play .m4u videos that are not DRM protected.

Editing and converting .m4u file extensions

There may be copyright issues in converting DRM protected .m4u extension files and you may want to check the distribution in terms of the video before attempting to do so. There are software like Requiem that allow you to unlock the DRM. However, for open? .m4u files, there are a variety of video format converters that are available through the Internet. These programs can help conversion to any popular format including MPG and MP4.

There may be times when you may not be able to open a m4u file even though you have these applications due to some unknown file error, or incorrect program association. In such a case, a reliable file repair software comes in handy. This software recovers a damaged file to open it and make it readable.

A good file repair software manages to open almost all types of common as well as rare file extension types through its updated program database. The software scans your PC for existing players and tries to map it to the file, in the absence of the correct program, it creates a customized player and an openable version of the file for you to view and use.