Managing the .lst File Extension

The .lst file extension

Quite a few programs within the Windows operating system make use of text-based configuration files to maintain a check of tasks that run in the background. Some of the popular programs that make use of the .lst file extension are Adobe Acrobat, FoxPro and a few antivirus programs.

Programs used to open .lst file extensions

As explained earlier, .lst files are system files and they do not contain any particular information directly needed by users in the normal course of their usage. However, for the purpose of tweaking and inspection, .lst file extensions can be easily opened using simple text editors like Windows Notepad and Gnome G-edit (in Linux). Using these programs you can easily view and edit .lst files.

Errors in .lst files

Sometimes due to corrupt files or bad sectors, .lst files become unreadable and may give errors when Windows tries to open them. Typically, you may see a popup with an error message like ?Windows cannot open file.lst?, and it may further prompt you for a program to open the file.

Fixing errors in .lst files

As a first attempt, you may try to open the file using a text editor, like notepad, and see if you can open and read the contents of the file.

A simpler way to manage .lst file extensions and many such known as well as unknown extensions, is to use a utility like FileCure. The tool helps you to scan these files thoroughly and associate an existing installed program with it. In the absence of an appropriate program, the utility creates a readable version of the file and also provides an opener program to open the file.? Errors associated with .lst files as well as many other file extensions may be similarly resolved by the use of utilities like FileCure.