Managing .jsp File Extensions

What is the .jsp file extension?

The .jsp file extension refers to Java Server Pages, a protocol that helps in creating dynamic web pages. Java Server Page files, as the name suggests, are created dynamically by the server by linking to a database or some other application whenever called through a browser. .jsp files are popularly used by content management systems to create dynamic pages on the fly, over the server itself. They usually work with a MySQL server database to store the source of its content.

Opening .jsp file extensions

.jsp files are viewable through any Internet browser. Mac OS uses Safari as its default browser, just as Internet Explorer is popular on Microsoft Windows machines. Other popular browsers that can open .jsp file extensions are Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera.

Errors in .jsp files

As a normal user, you will very rarely deal with the .jsp file since it is mostly usable on a full-fledged web server loaded with a database at its back-end. However, as a developer there may be times when you need to tweak the file. During such times there may be a few types of errors you may encounter.

The first type of error is when the coding of the .jsp file itself is wrong and the page displays a coding error. This can be rectified by the coder through a text editor program like notepad, or a web authoring tool like Adobe Dreamweaver.

Fixing advanced errors in .jsp file extensions

There may be times when the file may be unusable due to some errors related to the registry or even bad sectors where the file is saved. In such cases, you would need to use some advanced tools, such as FileCure. The tool scans the program and tries to find a closely matching opening software already in your system. In case it doesn’t find one, the program creates a version of your .jsp file that can be opened and also provides an opening software for the file.