Managing Files with the .wps File Extension in Windows

What is the .wps file extension?

The .wps file extension is associated with Microsoft Works documents. Microsoft Works, just like Microsoft Word, is a word processing software that contains most of the basic word processing features of the Microsoft Office suite. This means that unlike Microsoft Word, Works does not have macros and some other advanced formatting functionalities. In 2006, the .wps extension was completely discontinued by Microsoft and was replaced by the .doc file extension.

Opening .wps files

Most versions of Microsoft Word and some other word processors do open the .wps file extension with ease. However, there may be errors encountered while using other applications to open the file.

There are some software programs with which you may try to open .wps files. A list of these programs with their respective operating system is provided below:

  • Microsoft Windows: Microsoft Word 2007, Microsoft Works, Microsoft Publisher
  • Mac OS: Microsoft Works, Planamesa Neo Office and Microsoft Publisher

Errors in .wps files

.wps files may develop errors that may prevent these files from rendering with their requisite information. Microsoft Windows during such times will throw an error reading ?

?Cannot open .wps file?.

Errors may occur due to one of two key reasons ?

1. The file itself is corrupt and beyond repair
2. Absence of compatible software to handle the file extension.

How to fix and then open.wps files

While there are programs that are meant to manage .wps files, there may be instances where none of these programs is able to open the files. In such cases, your attempt to open the files may fail and you might see junk characters on the screen.

During such times, file management utilities such as FileCure can come handy. FileCure scans the file and creates an openable version of the file. In case your computer doesn?t have a program to open the file, FileCure creates a viewer, and a readable version of the .wps file extension file to read and interpret its data with ease.