How to Manage Files with .CAMP File Extensions

What is the .CAMP file extension?

WCS Color Appearance Model Profile is the type of file associated with the .CAMP file extension. Windows Color System (WCS) uses the .CAMP file to define various visual aspects of a display device used by the operating system. The .CAMP file may contain display settings information for the monitor in use. It contains the detailed settings of brightness, contrast, saturation, color and hue for the monitor that is being used.

How to open a .CAMP file

Before attempting to open a .CAMP file, you need to realize that this is not a file intended to be opened by general Windows Operating System users. It must be opened by power users who have a great deal of comfort in dealing with system tweaks.

.CAMP files can be easily opened or edited by any plain text editor. The popular ones are Microsoft Notepad, Gedit in Linux, and Notepad++. There are many more text editors that can help you open .CAMP files.

Errors in .CAMP file extensions

One of the most obvious errors you may get is ?Windows cannot open .CAMP file? that crops up when the operating system doesn’t find any registered? file opener.

However, at the risk of losing display settings, a CAMP file can be edited using any text editor.

A safer way to manage .CAMP files, or for that matter, any unknown file extension is to use file extension repair software. This tool scans and tries to associate the best available program for any file extension. In case the tool doesn’t find a suitable opener, it creates a readable version of the file and also provides a program to open it.