How to Manage the .BAT File Extension

What is the .BAT file extension?

The .BAT file extension refers to a batch file which is used by Microsoft DOS and Windows operating systems. A Batch file basically contains a group of commands that get executed in sequence whenever the batch file is called upon. System tasks that are repetitive in nature can be automated using batch files. They can be stored and recalled either manually or through specific programs.

Microsoft Windows uses a very essential Batch file named AUTOEXEC.BAT to load key processes running behind the operating system, at the start up itself. Programs that are made to run at startup may be analyzed and edited by editing the Autoexec.BAT file. However, this has to be done carefully since any corruption in this file can lead to a system crash.

UNIX and other operating systems use batch files too, but they are referred to by different names and bear different extensions.

Creating and editing .BAT files

.BAT files basically contain text commands and can be easily edited through any plain text editor, such as Notepad in Microsoft Windows. Each additional command will require to be specified in a particular syntax with accurate pointers to the path of programs that are required to run.

Errors in .BAT files

There can be errors in .BAT files due to incorrect syntax of commands, or missing programs in the specified paths. Errors may also crop up if the file itself gets corrupt due to aging storage or any such issue. Sometimes these issues cannot be corrected with a pure text editor.

In this situation, using a program like FileCure can be of great help. FileCure scans the computer for corrupt .BAT or any other extension file and recommends a program to open the file. In the absence of such a program, FileCure creates a file which can be opened to view and edit the contents of the .BAT file. If necessary the program creates a customized application to edit and view the corrected .BAT file.