What is the .mailhost File Extension Used For?

What is the .mailhost file extension?

The .mailhost file extension is recorded to be associated with MSN Explorer email. The .mailhost file, a Microsoft proprietary file format, is installed on your computer along with MSN.

The .mailhost file is required by MSN to function properly. Absence of this file may prevent you from sending and receiving emails through MSN Explorer email.

Typically, .mailhost files are named in the format MSN#.mailhost, where ?#? denotes the version of MSN installed. For instance, if you use MSN version ?9? then the name of the .mailhost will be MSN9.mailhost.

.mailhost files fall under the settings file category.

Purpose of the .mailhost file

As mentioned above, the .mailhost file is required by MSN to send and receive emails. The file provides necessary information to the MSN email program, such as information related to the settings of the email program. To elaborate, when a user changes preferences from within the MSN email software the preferences are kept in the .mailhost file and .downloadhost file.

Solution to the ?Mailhost file? error

If the .mailhost file is corrupt or missing, you may receive a .mailhost error and the MSN email program may stop working properly.

To fix the issue, you need to register the file on your computer. This can be achieved by performing the steps listed below:

  1. Click Start and then click Run.
  2. In the Open box, type the following command and press Enter:

regsvr32 c:\progra~1\msn\msncorefiles\mailui.dll

How to open a .mailhost file

.mailhost is a settings file and cannot be opened or edited manually.

I?ve received an unknown file extension as an email attachment ? what should I do?

The first thing you need to do when you receive an unknown email attachment is to scan it for viruses. A large number of writers of malware programs use email attachments to spread malware infections.
After you have determined that the file is safe, you may use the FileCure software to view the contents of the attached file. FileCure is an excellent software that provides Windows users quick access to various known, as well as unknown file types.