Uses of the .list File Extension

The .list File Extension ? A Brief Introduction

Two file types are recorded to be using the file extension .list. A brief introduction on both the file types is discussed below.

File Type #1 – Microsoft Recipient List File

The .list file extension is primarily associated with MAC Microsoft Office Entourage, an application, which is similar to Microsoft Outlook used in Windows operating systems. Not much information is available on the purpose or behavior of this file type.

File Type #2 – Blindwrite CD Copier File

The .list file extension is also recorded to be associated with Blindwrite CD copier file. Again, little information is available on this file type.

How To Open A .list File Type

To open a .list file type, double-click on the file. In case the program required for opening such file types is installed on your computer, then Windows will automatically open the .list file when you double-click on it.

In case the file doesn?t open automatically or by using the programs listed in the Open With list, ?then you may use FileCure, which is an excellent software that allows Windows users easy access to various file types, including .list files.