Learn to Open and Play Files with the .fid File Extension

What is a .fid file?

.fid files belong to the category of Data Files that are often associated with the Bruker Aspect NMR data file as well as the File Investigator application. These files are also the result file format obtained by saving files using a NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) software that runs inside mass spectrometers produced by Varian Inc.

What are .fid video files?

There is another variant of .fid files, which have streaming video content. Most of the media players that are often used to open any video files can run these video .fid files.

How to open and play files with the .fid file extension

Quite often you may find .fid video files on the Internet, available for users to download. These files can be played using a VLC player without any problems.

If you don?t want to use a separate VLC player, you can use a file conversion tool to convert the .fid extension to .flv or .mp4 soon after you download. You can use these converted files in most of the common media players used in Windows.

If it is not the usual video file with the extension .fid, you can try opening it using the Windows Forensic Innovations file expander application.


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