Learn About Files with the Extension .deb

What is a .deb file?

.deb files are a set of packaged files that are installed on an Operating System called Debian. They are archived files that form the Debian Software Package format, which contains free and open source applications that are installed on Linux or UNIX like Operating Systems.

Where are .deb files used?

.deb files are used by the Debian Package Management System which are a collection of programs or tools that automate the entire process of configuring, installing, upgrading and removing the application or software package on Unix like Operating Systems like Debian, Ubuntu etc.

As Linux based distributions consist of thousands of free and open source applications created by a community of people who have the GNU General Public License, there should exist a software Installation package that integrates or archives all the applications developed and installs on an Operating System.

The standard Debian Software Package contains two archives, 1. gzipped (GNU Zip) which is a software used for File compression and 2. bzipped, a free and open source file compression algorithm to enable the software package installation.

How do I open ?.deb files?

On Linux based OS, these are the programs to open .deb files.

  • Debian Package Management System (dpkg)
  • Adept
  • Synaptic Package Manager

On Windows OS, though the .deb files can be extracted? by 7-zip file archiver, most of the files are not readable, as the .deb files can work successfully on Linux based OS only.

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