What is the .jtx File Extension?

.jtx file extension ? A brief Introduction

A file with the extension .jtx is a Jrju text file. Jrju (the word means spider in Chinese) is a Pearl program that is used to weave hypertext ?notebooks? from plain text files. ?The following process takes place:

  1. An author uses the JTX markup format to create notebook pages.
  2. Jrju processes a directory of JTX files and converts them into a collection of cross-linked HTML pages.
  3. To avoid orphan pages or broken links, Jrju rebuilds the entire notebook each time.

.jtx files fall under the Document file category. Their Mime type is text/plain.

How to open a .jtx file

You can use Jrju to open a .jtx file.

Only limited information is available on the .jtx file type. In case you are facing difficulties in opening a .jtx file type, we recommend you seek the assistance of the FileCure tool. This tool uses quick access to various file types ? both known and unknown. It also helps fix any issues with these files to fix any errors generated by them.