.jad File Extension Files. What are they? How do you open them?

.jad file extension ? An Introduction

A .jad (Java Application Descriptor) file describes the contents of MIDlet, which is a Java program developed for the Java ME virtual machine. A .jad file contains information regarding identification, retrieval, and installation of MIDlets.

These MIDlets are used to package Java games or applications that can be downloaded to mobile phones, such as a Blackberry. Some mobile phones even use JAD files for themes.

A .jad file stores the following tags:

  • MIDlet-1 ? stores the information regarding application name, startup class, and icons.
  • MIDlet-Jar-Size ? contains information about the number of bytes in the JAR file.
  • MIDlet-Jar-URL ? contains the URL where application archive can be downloaded.
  • MIDlet-Name ? contains tag that is used to store application name.
  • MIDlet-Vendor ? contains the name of the company that authored the MIDlet.
  • MIDlet-Version ? contains information about the application version number.
  • MicroEdition-Configuration ? contains information about CLDC version.
  • MicroEdition-Profile ? stores information about MIDP version.

.jad files are developed by Sun Microsystems, Inc. The .jad files popularity rating is Average and they come under the miscellaneous files category.

JAD files are over-the-air (OTA) files, which basically mean that the file downloads from the Internet directly to your phone. You cannot load a file with the .jad extension from your computer.

Which programs can open .jad files on a Windows computer?

On a Windows computer you can open .jad files using the following programs:

  • JADMaker
  • LogoManager MobiMB Mobile Media Browser

I receive file type errors when I try to open certain file types, what should I do?

In case you are unable to open certain file types on your Windows computer, we recommend you use reliable file extension repair software. These software tools allow you to fix issues with faulty files and then enable you to open them.