What is the .ivf File Extension?

.ivf file extension ? An explanation

.IVF an acronym for Indeo Video Format. These are video files that use the Indeo codec from Ligos Corporation.

The Mime type of .ivf files is video/x-indeo.

Indeo Codec

The Indeo Software codec family provides codecs for both video and audio media. This codec enables multimedia and web programmers to create distributable media which is of high quality. With Indeo Software codec they don?t need to worry about the expenses and complexity associated with special hardware.

The version 4 and 5 for video codec and version 2.5 for audio codec were initially created by the Intel Corporation. These codecs have been quite popular for years among programmers who create CD-based games, online media, and encyclopedias so on.

Although Indeo is no longer supported in Windows Vista and Windows 7, Ligos still distributes Indeo for some legacy applications that use the codec in older Windows versions ranging from Windows 95 to Windows XP as well as Windows NT and 2000 server operating systems.

How to open .ivf files

If you use Windows, you may use the following programs to open an .ivf file:

  • Windows Media Player
  • SubEdit Player
  • MpcStar
  • Media Player Classic
  • AVS DVD Player
  • iVisit
  • Anole Media Player
  • Haihaisoft Universal Player

If you use a Mac computer, you may use the following programs to open an .ivf file:

  • iVisit
  • Windows Media Player

Are you having problems opening an .ivf file?

If yes, check to see if you are using the correct program to open the file. Also, new versions of Indeo codecs are constantly released; you need to ensure that you are using the latest version of Indeo. To verify this, visit the Ligos Corporation website.

If you have the latest Indeo codec and are using the right software to open the .ivf file but are unsuccessful then chances are that one or more file openers on your Windows computer are damaged. To fix the matter, we recommend you use FileCure, which is an excellent software that allows you to easily repair various file types.