Introduction to the .uxdc File Extension

.uxdc File Extension ? An Introduction

.uxdc file extension files are Microsoft Office XML data source. The Mime file type of a .uxdc file is application/octet-stream.

Purpose of an .uxdc file

.uxdc files are used to connect to a data retrieval service when Office Data Retrieval Service Connection data gets corrupted. The .uxdc file becomes corrupt when your software or system crashes while the .uxdc file is open in your computer?s memory.?As a result, headers or part of the uxdc file fails to get saved on the disk.

Besides software or system crashes, other common causes of corruption of the Office Data Retrieval Service Connection data file (.uxdc file extension) are:

  • Software errors
  • Malware infection
  • Faulty hardware.
  • Issues with storage media

To recover your .uxdc file you should make at least 2 backups of the corrupted file. If you are unable to recover data on your own, you may use the services of data recovery experts.

Important: Making a backup of a corrupted .uxdc file is essential as you will need to send the corrupted file to experts for recovery analysis in case you were not able to recover the file on your own.

Which programs can be used to open a .uxdc file on a Windows computer?

In Windows, you can open an .uxdc file with Microsoft Excel.

In case you are unable to open a .uxdc file or receive a file type error when you attempt to open a .uxdc file, we recommend you seek the services of an advanced file repair program. This software will not only fix issues with corrupt files, but will also enable you to use the file again.