Introduction to the .sit File Extension

The .sit File Extension ? An Introduction

The .sit file extension is recorded to be associated with StuffIt by Smith Micro Software. Stuffit, used for archiving and compressing files was originally developed by Allume Systems, but now is developed and distributed by Smith Micro.

.sit files are compressed files and are similar to Zip or RAR files, as they contain complete file and folder structures in a single archive that has been compressed. Originally, .sit files were meant for use only on the Apple platform, but they now are Window-compatible.

The mime type of .sit file are:

  • application/stuffit
  • application/x-stuffit
  • application/x-sit

The names of the programs that can open .sit files are listed below.

If you use Windows, you may open .sit files using the following program:

  • Smith Micro StuffIt

If you use a Mac operating system, you can open .sit files using any of the file programs:

  • StuffIt Expander
  • Dare to be Creative iArchiver

Other instances of the .sit file type

Although uncommon, the .sit file extension is also recorded to be associated with ? Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulator snapshot file and PDP-10 Fortran-77 complier source code file.

How to open a .sit file in Windows?

To open a .sit (StuffIt Archive) file, simply double-click on the file. If you have the required software, the .sit file should open automatically. In case a file type error occurs, then it is possible that the .sit file you are trying to open is corrupt or one or more file openers on your Windows system are damaged. To fix the issue, simply use a reliable file extension repair software.