Introduction to the .pfx File Extension

.pfx File Extension ? An Introduction

Various file types are recorded to be using the file extension .pfx.? A brief introduction of these file types is listed below.

File Type #1 – PKCS #12 Certificate File

.pfx files are encrypted security files that open only when you enter the right password. .pfx files contain security certificates that are used to authenticate a person or a device.

These .pfx files come under the System Files category and their MIME type is application/x-pkcs12.

Which program(s) can open a .pfx file in Windows?

You can open a .pfx file in Windows using Microsoft Certificate Manager or Certificate Import Wizard.

File Type #2 – First Choice Word Processing Document

The .pfx file extension is used by text documents created by the First Choice word processor.

The .pfx (First Choice Word Processing Document) files come under the Text Files category.

Which program(s) can be used to open a .pfx file in Windows?

You can open a .pfx file in Windows using SoftKey PFS:First Choice.

File Type #3 – Amiga Pageflipper Plus F/X animation

The pfx file is recorded to be associated with ?Amiga Forever?.

Amiga Forever is shipped in three different editions: Value, Plus and Premium. All these editions include everything that is required to different emulation engines, games, demoscene productions as well as different operating system versions.

At times, opening a file type in Windows can be tedious, especially when you are not sure about the program with which the file opens. In such cases, it is best to use a reliable file extension repair software, as such software allows you quick access to innumerable file types, including .pfx files.