An Introduction To The .jod File Extension

The .jod file extension ? What is it?

The .jod file type is associated with MS.Jet.OLEDB.4.0 or Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Jet.
Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Jet is used to provide databases created using Microsoft Access with the OLE DB interface. It also enables distributed queries in Microsoft SQL Server 2000 to query databases created in Access.

Beyond that, practically little else is known about the .jod file extension. If you face a computer error that shows problems with .jod files, you may use the FileCure program to fix issues with this file. You may also use this software to open the .jod file if the need arises.

What can FileCure do?

FileCure allows you to easily open various known file types, including the ones about which very little is known. Additionally, you can use this software to edit, repair and then save files that are generating file type errors on your system.