An Introduction to Files with the .mb File Extension

What does the .mb file extension stand for?

The .mb file extension is associated with a variety of programs involving Maps, animation and database. This format is mainly used to store data regarding animation by popular software. Some software use the .mb file extension to store their database files in a secure format.

Which applications use the .mb file extension?

.mb file extensions are mainly used by the following 3 applications:

  1. Autodesk Maya – Maya is a software application used to create 3D modeling, 3D animation, simulation and rendering solutions. The files associated with MAYA are stored in the Maya 3D binary scene in the .mb file extension format.All the 3D models, textures, animation data, lightening effects and properties are stored in the .mb file format instead of the regular ASCII format of Maya with the .ma file extension. This file can be accessed in Windows, Mac OS and Linux based systems that run the Maya software.
  2. MapBasic – MapBasic is a powerful and flexible programming language used for the creation of custom tools and functionalities for the MapInfo geographical Information System. MapBasic is proprietary software owned by Pitney Bowes Business Insight and is designed to enhance the features of the MapInfo professional software module.MapBasic helps in creating custom applications for the MapInfo professional interface. It also helps in editing programs using the text editor. The files created in MapBasic are stored in a Basic programming format with the .mb file extension. These .mb file extensions are easily recognized by any products associated with MapInfo.
  3. Paradox Database – Paradox is a popular RDBMS for Windows owned currently by the Corel Corporation. This software helps in creating powerful databases and stores them in a secure .mb format. These database files can be integrated with other popular Corel software like WordPerfect and CorelDraw.

If you find the .mb file on your system, you can try opening it with any of the above installed programs on your system. If you do not have any of these applications installed, then you can use a powerful software called FileCure which helps in opening any kind of file format on your system including the .mb file extension. You can also use the FileCure software to fix any issues with file associations.