An Introduction to Files with the .hqx File Extension

What is an .hqx file?

A file with the extension .hqx indicates a BinHex archive file format. BinHex is a short name for Binary-to-Hexadecimal.? This format is widely used in Mac OS-based computers for converting a binary file to a plain ASCII text file. These .hqx files are less prone to virus attacks and are not corrupted easily when they are transferred from one computer to another via a network. These files are used for transferring any form of image files, MULTIMEDIA Files, and other documents through email attachments on the internet.

How to open an .hqx file

Smith Micro Stuffit deluxe is a popular free software which you can use to open a .hqx file.

If you receive a .hqx through email (of course from a reliable source) and you:

  • Are unable to open the .hqx file using this software, or
  • Receive errors while trying to open a .hqx file, or
  • Just don?t have the supported software on your computer, then

Don?t worry you can seek the help a good file extension helper tool such as FileCure. FileCure is a wizard based simple tool to work with files with any extension. This tool will take less time in opening files with any unknown extension. This file extension mending tool will also fix any file type errors generated by your operating system. With its built-in database of hundreds of file types and possible error types and optimized search queries, it recognizes the problem spot in no time and provides the fix with great speed and accuracy.