Introduction to the .com File Extension

.com file extension ? An introduction

Various computer operating systems have used the file extension .com for different purposes. The term COM originally meant command file and a .com file was a text file that stored commands to be issued to the operating system. .com files were initially used in this way on various Digital Equipment mini and mainframe operating systems.

With the introduction of microcomputers, .com files usage has changed and is considered a type of executable file.

The mime type of .com files is application/x-msdos-program, application/x-msdownload.

Five file types are recorded to be using the file extension .com. The names of these file types are:

  • Common Object Module
  • EICAR Antivirus Test File
  • Binary File
  • Psion Organiser CommsLink Setup File
  • AOL File

If you need to open a .com file type but don?t have the required program installed on your computer, then you may use a reliable file extension helper software. Such software allows users to open various files with both known and unknown file extensions.