Introduction to the .elm File Extension

What is the .elm file extension?

Files with .elm file extension are associated with Microsoft FrontPage, which is a software that provides computer users a graphical interface to create web pages. FrontPage is also known as an ??HTML editor?, simply for the reason that the main function of this tool is to generate HTML pages on the basis of the commands executed in the FrontPage layout interface by the user.

Files with the .elm file extension contain themes for FrontPage. These files fall under the Data file category and their Mime type is application/octet-stream.

How to open an .elm file extension file on a Windows computer

If you use Windows, you can open files that have the .elm file extension using Microsoft FrontPage.

In case you don?t have FrontPage on your computer, you may use the FileCure software to open .elm files. FileCure will also help you fix errors in a particular file so that it can be used as required on your computer.