Introduction to the .dwfx File Extension

.dwfx File Extension ? A Detailed Description

The .dwfx (Design Web Format XPS) file is a drawing (2D or 3D) file created using the widely-used AutoCAD software. This AutoCAD drawing file may contain information such as design data, object properties, and descriptive metadata.

A .dwfx file is similar to a .dwf (Design Web Format) file. The only difference is that .dwfx files are formatted using Microsoft?s XML Paper Specification (XPS) and that is the reason why the .dwfx files can be opened using Microsoft?s XPS Viewer.

To integrate DWF technology with Windows using the XML Paper Specifications (XPS), Autodesk teamed up with Microsoft. The result ? Windows users can directly open .dwfx files using Microsoft?s XPS Viewer, which comes pre-installed in Windows Vista and later. For Windows XP, the XPS Viewer is available as an optional download.

The .dwfx files fall under the 3D Image Files category. The Mime type of .dwfx files is model/vnd.dwfx+xps.

How to open .dwfx files in Windows

To open files with the .dwfx extension on a Windows computer, you may use any of the programs listed below:

  • Microsoft XPS Viewer
  • Autodesk AutoCAD
  • Autodesk Design Review

I?m receiving a file type error when I try to open a .dwf file on my Windows Vista computer

Typically, file type errors occur when the file in question is corrupt. To successfully repair, open, edit, or save files with which you are getting the file type error, we recommend you use the FileCure tool.